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About Us

Univeil is a Minnesota-originated media production and philanthropy company that utilizes social media to create high-quality videos highlighting university student talent and stories. Our commitment extends beyond content creation, encompassing philanthropic endeavors like the Univeil Bloom scholarship program and a dedication to community service. Engaging with a global audience, Univeil actively maintains a presence on diverse platforms including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, unveiling student stories to viewers worldwide.



At Univeil Studios, our mission is twofold: to inspire, motivate, and encourage individuals worldwide by spotlighting the diverse talents, narratives, and creativity of university students, while also championing philanthropic initiatives. We believe that university students possess remarkable talents and skills capable of making significant positive impacts on the lives of others. Unfortunately, many of these talents remain hidden, and stories untold. Recognizing the untapped potential of students globally, we aim to serve as a platform that not only unveils their creative prowess but also actively engages in philanthropy, fostering a community that uplifts and empowers.



Our vision is to be the most impactful and meaningful media production company to university and college students all over the world.

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